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Bath and Relaxation Sets
{Unique Critiques Gifts}
{Spa and Relaxation Gift Sets}
Delightful Ginger Therapy Set (Includes: Bath Gel, Body Lotion, Salts, Soap Massage Brush & more) $19.99(each)
8pc: Honey Vanilla Spa in wicker basket: (Set Includes: Loofah Slippers,Wash, Lotion, Salts, Soaps and more) $28.99(each)
4pc LusciousTazmanian Lavender Gift Set in wonderful organza box, Set includes: 9.0oz body wash, body lotions, body scrub, soap petals, $19.99(each)
Bamboo Lemongrass Bath Basket: (Set includes: Shower gel, body lotion, body scrub and hand soaps) $19.99(each)
6pc. Eco Balance Spa Lemongrass and Eucalyptus. (Set Includes: Body Wash, Body Cream, Lotion, Scrub and Soap. $19.99(each)
7pc Lily & Ivy Gift Set
Includes: Body Wash, Lotion, Body Scrub, Bath Crystals, Bath Muff and Bath Fizzie in Basket  $19.99(each)
Uplift your spirits with the essences of cardamon, nutmeg and lemongrass. Set includes: Body wash, lotion, bath crystals, bath bar and body scrub: $16.99(each)
6pc. Body wash and bath fizzie set: $16.99
5pc Tropical pleasures gift set: Includes hanging basket, shower gel, body lotion, body scrub, bath bar $16.99
Wonderful Bath & Spa Gift Sets