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Decorative Shell Chandeliers
These chandeliers are simply gorgeous!.  Try one of these hanging from your ceiling and watch it transform the appearance of the room.  Chandeliers can also be hung around suitable light fixtures. We've included the terms huge, heavy and long to provide you with additional information about the chandeliers that cannot be visualized by the photo. 
56in (Huge/Heavy/Long)
Curtain Swing Shell 
Chandelier (BS127) $55.00
30in {Strawberry Cut} Shell Chandelier (C119) $45.00
30in (Wide/Huge/Heavy) Nasa/Acorn} Shell Chandelier (C105) $58.00
32in {Princess Layer} Shell Planter (B116) $40.00
45in (Huge/Heavy/Long) Royal Suite Shell Chandelier (B126) $48.00
Decorative Bubble, Annulus, and Cowry Shell Chandeliers
42in (Huge/Heavy/Long) Hour Glass design shell chandelier (S1030) $48.00
    Stunning Pacific Sea Shell Chandeliers
48in (Huge/Long) Wide Width Double Planter Seashell Hanging Basket  (ATC91) $48.00
Decorative White Bubble , Annulus, and Cowry Shell Chandeliers, Planters, and Capiz Shell Wind Chimes 
45in (Long) White Bubble Shell and White Nassarius Shell Spiral Chandelier (AC142) $45.00
28in Wind Chime with Moon Shells Wind Chime (AC-198) $25.00
30in {Strawberry Cut/Red Edgings } Shell Chandelier (AT-CH15) $45.00
30in (Long) White Capiz Shell Wind Chime (BLS-C158) $30.00
35in (Long) |Earth tones colored Capiz Shell Wind Chime (BLS-E111) $30.00
30in (Long) Purple colored Capiz Shell Wind Chime (BLS-C158-B) $30.00
Note to Customer:
The Capiz Shell wind chimes capture the beauty of the night. They are very elegant and we like to hang them outside or any where they will create the best chiming sound on a cool breezy day.    
48in (Huge/Long) Wide Double Planter Seashell Hanging Basket  (above) 
* This is a very long planter (ATC91)!
52in (Long) White Bubble Shell Spiral Chandelier looks wonderful with or without light bulb. 
52in (Long) White Bubble Shell Spiral Chandelier (SH153) $48.00
54in (Long) Spiral Large Conch and Cowrie Shells Chandelier (BS123) $48.00
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