Exquisite shells in simply elegant designs for a unique addition to your serving sets. 
Unique!  Stylish!  Affordable!
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Elegant Shell Gift Items
and Serving Sets
Elegant Shell Gift Items 
SH: 3pc. 6" 10" 15" Capiz shell fish trays: $22.00ea
BST: 3pc. 6"8"10" Round Capiz shell scallop design fruit bowels: $22.00ea
BST: 3pc. 6"8"11" Capiz shell flower designed trays: $22.00ea
BST:3pc. 5"7"11" Capiz shell/scallop designed trays: $22.00ea
SH:3pc. 11"x7"Oval Capiz shell scallop design  bowels: $22.00ea
SH:3pc. 11.5"x8.5" Capiz shell oval trays  $22.00ea
SH:3pc. 12"X8"Capiz shell rectangle design trays $22.00ea
SH:9x5" Capiz shell tissue box with gold trim. $25.00ea
SH:6x6" White shells with pearl delphinula shells jewelry box. $15.00ea
SH:5.5x5.5" Natural Capiz shell tissue box $22.00ea
SH:6x8" Multishell heart jewelry box (bubble shell/snail shell/pectens) $12.00ea
SH:9x5" Capiz shell tissue box with silver trim. $25.00ea
SH: 3pc. 12"x8" Capiz shell scallop tray with gold trim $22.00ea
SH: 3pc. 9"x12" Deep Dish Capiz shell fish trays: $30.00ea
SH:[UC:235] 6x8" Multishell heart jewelry box (black lining- actual shell type may vary) $12.00ea